We are looking for people that want to join our team and become responsible for the creation and maintenance of modules for the platform/software of their own choice. Contact us.

Gaia is free to play both online and offline, as well as with paper cards. In order to play online you need to have the appropriate software that enables you to do so. A couple of programs that come to mind in no particular order (* means the software is open source):

  • gCCG*
  • OCTGN*
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • LackeyCCG

Usually the software requires both you and the other player to have it installed, along with the game installed within it, as a module. This also menas that there is normally no cross-software connectivity, both players have to use the same software to be able to meet up online within it. You can easily create a module for the game for your preferred digital solution by using our card database and high resolution images of the cards.

We will officially support one or more of the above solutions and offer the game as a module that can be downloaded and played right away.

There are other solutions also that are unknown to us, so please contact us if you know more ways to play a cardgame legally online, and we will add them to this list.