Yes, it actually is. In the words fullest meaning:

  1. Gratis: Free of charge – we that create the game will never charge you for current or future released content, in paper form or online.
  2. Open Source: Free to change – you are welcome to build upon it, modify and change the game, or fork it and make it into your own.
  3. Libre: Free to copy and spread – give it to anyone.
  4. Design: The team that started all of this set out to create a truly free game. It was always one of the mission goals. We are proud to be one of the first truly free great looking cardgames as a results of the initiative.
  5. No fees: We will never ask you for your name, credit card number or charge you hidden fees in loot box schemes. We will not withhold any functional parts of the game and will never ask you for money to cross made up barriers designed to trick you into buying anything in order for you to be able to play the full game.