No, not compared to buying any other pre-printed CCG on the market, no. It will actually be quite cheap and even cheaper than some online card games since:

1) The player knows exactly which cards he/she wants to print, so he/she doesn’t have to pay for random cards or other cards they don’t intend to ever use.

2) Card rarity is not an issue that will push prices upwards on existing cards on a second hand market.

3) Commercial and closed-source CCG:s are purely profit-driven, so they have a constant incentive to keep prices up and devise ways to milk you for as much cash as possible in the long run. We don’t. We give you all the material and you can then decide how and where you give the cards physical life – you choose what photo lab you will use, if you print them at home, school or at somebody’s office. In the end we give you great freedom to acquire the physical cards any way you want, suggesting that costs become what you make of it.

4) In the worst case scenario we could ever imagine and by using really bad numbers we have concluded that the cards could cost you about the same amount as the almost cheapest cards you’d find on the second hand market for the popular commercial and close sourced CCGs out there. But here is the sweet thing: Even if the price of our cards was 2-4 times higher than those, you and your friends would still end up saving fortunes due to what’s mentioned in the previous paragraphs above. Also keep in mind that you can print/develop every card for the exactly the same price per unit (or even lower if you get quantity discounts and do a develop/print order together with other players).