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Can I see an example of a paper card?

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Paper cards really do look great if printed/developed properly, and can't be distinguished by a layman from how commercial closed source games look based on appearance. The below photos depict early prototyping cards. They are unedited high resolution pictures taken of cards that were developed as digital photos by a cheap service online. Image is taken with [...]

Best way to print?

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Check cost & quality Please do calculated estimates of what you believe a card would cost if you print it yourself using an photo printer with ink or a color laser. In general it is usually just as cheap, if not cheaper, to order the cards as developed paper versions of digital photographies. By using such [...]

Paper cards, really?

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Gaia was designed to be played in real life, with paper cards around a table. All rules and expansions will always be created in such a way that playing it in real life is easy. Nothing in the game has been ported or dumbed down from a digital version to a paper version. We do it [...]

Isn’t printing the cards expensive?

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No, not compared to buying any other pre-printed CCG on the market, no. It will actually be quite cheap and even cheaper than some online card games since: 1) The player knows exactly which cards he/she wants to print, so he/she doesn’t have to pay for random cards or other cards they don’t intend to ever use. [...]