we need you because

We’re a community driven and open source project. The only time anything happens with the game is if we ourselves make it happen.

We’re all contributing on our spare time because we believe in truly free and open gaming, as well as co-work with each other. There are no commercial interests, no marketing, no company backing this up. But, we have something better instead: We have your support.

What some believe is a weakness, is also a strength: The game is alive as long as you and your friends support it. It’ independent of it’s developers, corporate interests or current trends in the industry.

spread the word

Tell all your friends and the world about the game and what you think about it on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs et.c. This helps us a lot and is very important to us as we have no other marketing except our players.

follow us

If you like the project you should be following WTactics.org – our open source board- and card game community behind it. Follow our twitter or instagram to see what more we are giving the world. We have other great people and projects there.

script & code

Work on the browser version of the game, improve the Tabletop Simulator module, port it to another system, code an AI. What are you interested in? Contact us already to get something cool going on.

give feedback

We would love to hear about your experience with the game, if you had fun, what could be improved, your own ideas about new cards or mechanics. Help us by sharing your input. Mail us at contact@gaia.li. We reply when we get a chance and appreciate your thoughts.

break it

Try to break the game, find the issues with it’s rules or mechanics, and all the exploits. Crack it and tell us about your findings – it is invaluable. Valid discoveries will be mentioned in our Hall of Fame with a link or presentation to your liking.

buy me a coffee

I work solo on the project on my few spare hours, and pay for new art, hosting et.c. myself. I need at least 30 – 150 USD to release a new card, with new art. Consider donating a small amount to me via PayPal and tell me in a mail about it so I can thank you! All our work is always made freely available to the whole world for use by anyone.