In 2010 was founded by snowdrop. The goal was to create an open source customisable card game that was free to play with paper cards and/or digitally. The project invited the world to develop the game together by sharing our art and infrastructural assets in order to create a card game. Any teams were welcome to work on an existing branch, on an original ruleset of their own or on a fork. Through donations from the public and investment from the founder and other helpful people new original open source art assets were and are still being created for the project. They are available to all game developers that embrace the GPL2 or later license.

During 2016 the project underwent changes so that it could further support open source card- and boardgames to a wider extent. The two existing cardgame rulesets that were around then were re-branded and forked into different paths: The first that was released was, founded by ngoeminne. The second one that is unreleased and still worked upon is, by snowdrop.


This document is an attempt to give proper credit to all who contributed in some way. Much of what is around like for example card rules, card templates, faction logos and other containers are the combined effort of several persons, often during longer periods of time. While we try to give credit to the individual(s) that have created a specific asset it is sometimes impossible due to the nature of open collaboration.

If there are credits lacking, wrongly stated or if you have been excluded, we would want to hear from you so that we can give proper attribute. All feedback and corrections are welcome. Nothing of this would be possible without all the support from every single person.

General contributors

These are some of the many people that have given a lot to the project as it stood originally with the goal to create a CCG:

  • aspidites
  • gallaecio
  • isharacomix
  • knitter
  • mattaiyah
  • ngoeminne
  • peter
  • q_x
  • ravenchild
  • snowdrop
  • toeholds
  • vulture
  • xarn


The rules for are written by snowdrop but have been in development for long periods while residing under the WTactics roof. While there they were the result of great input from various persons, and most notably from Q_x that has had an important impact.


The artwork used in gaia is either original artwork created for or pre-existing art assets from the excellent tactical game Battle for Westnoth.

 Original artists

  • Main artist: Santiago Iborra
  • Q_x
  • Kitty
  • unrealsmoker
  • Gaspard
  • Kate

Battle for Westnoth artists

  • Kitty/Kathrin Polikeit:
    • Elves: Fighter, Captain, Hero, Archer male and female, Marksman male and female, Ranger male and female, Shaman, Druid,
      Sorceress, Shyde, Lord, High Lord, Lady, Sylph,
    • Human Mages: Dark Adept male and female, Necromancer male and female, Mage male and female, Red Mage male and female, White Mage male and female, Silver Mage male and female, Arch Mage male and female, Mage of Light male and female, Human Outlaws, Thief/Rogue male and female, Assassin male and female, Trapper, Ranger, Huntsman, Footpad male and female, Outlaw male and female, Ruffian, Thug, Bandit
    • Goblins: Wolf Rider, Direwolf Rider, Pillager
    • Merfolk: Enchantress, Priestess, Fighter, Hoplite, Triton, Hunter, Spearman, Netcaster
      Undead: Ghost, Spectre, Shadow, Nightgaunt,
    • Others: Troll Whelp, Troll, Gryphon, Ghost, Naga Fighter, Naga Myrmidon, Giant Mudcrawler
  • Kitty/Kathrin Polikeit and Girgistan/Christian Sirviö: Undead Lich
  • LordBob/Emilien Rotival:
    • Human Loyalists: Peasant, Spearman, Swordsman, Royal Guard, Pikeman, Halberdier, Javelineer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, General, Marshal 1 and 2, Woodsman, Bowman, Longbowman, Master Bowman, Horseman, Knight, Paladin, Cavalryman, Cavalier, Fencer, Duelist, Master-at-arms, Grand Knight 1 and 2, Lancer, Swordsman alt 3
    • Orcs: Grunt line and alternates, Warrior, Warlord, Archer, Assassin, Slayer, Archer, Crossbowman, Slurbow, Leader/Ruler, alternate Leader, Sovereign
  • thespaceinvader/Philip Barber:
    • Drakes: Fighter, Burner, Inferno, Flameheart, Hurricane, Enforcer, Warden
    • Saurians: Augur, Skirmisher
    • Dwarves: Dragonguard, Fighter, Guard, Lord, Sentinel, Thunderer, Ulfserker, Runemaster, Scout, Explorer
    • Other: Ancient Wose
  • Sleepwalker/Marcus Rosén: Mermaid Initiate
  • DUHH/Kim Holm: Dwarf Fighter alternate
  • JustinOperable/Justin Nichols: Ogre
  • Valkier/Chris Wilson: Skeleton, Deathblade, Revenant, Draug and alternate, Ghoul, Skeleton Archer line
  • bera/Bora Orcal: Goblin Impaler, Goblin Rouser and alternate
  • thespaceinvader/Philip Barber and Girgistian/Christian Sirviö: Undead Death Knight, Drake Clasher, Drake Glider
  • LordBob/Emilien Rotival and Girgistan/Christian Sirviö: Orcish Grunt #2
  • thespaceinvader/Philip Barber and Kitty/Kathrin Polikeit: Gryphon Rider
  • thespaceinvader/Philip Barber and LordBob/Emilien Rotival: Drake Blademaster
  • bera/Bora Orcal and Kitty/Kathrin Polikeit: Goblin Spearman

Art direction

These were responsible for leading the artists in the direction of the game when it came to the original art assets being created:

  • Main director: Q_x
  • snowdrop
  • ngoeminne

Card templates

  • The raster maps seen on the card backs or behind the card art are from Battle for Wesnoth.
  • Combined efforts:
    • Card back template
    • Attack/defense logos
    • Gaian creature template
    • Gaian event template
    • Gaian logo
    • Gaian loyalty mark
  • snowdrop
    • Red Banner creature template
    • Red Banner event template
    • Dark Legion creature template
    • Dark Legion event template
    • Dark Legion logo
    • Dark Legion loyalty mark
    • Red Banner logo


The fonts are (c)opyrighted by their authors and/or entities. They were created by others with exception of the ones we have explicitly modified, as stated in their filenames.

  • WTactics Symbols (custom font for marking/unmarking and resource counts)
  • Ubuntu and Ubuntu Light, and other Ubuntu fonts included are Copyright 2010,2011 Canonical Ltd and use the Ubuntu Font Licence, Version 1.0.
  • Liberation Serif (uses SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1 – 26 February 2007,
  • Liberation Sans (SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1 – 26 February 2007,
  • NimbusRomNo9L  comes from URW++ (GNU General Public License v2.00,
  • Gentium is under SIL Open Font License
  • Chunk Five was created by Meredith Mandel. The accents-version used by us was made by Maurice Svay ( The font is licensed using SIL Open Font License.
  • LiberationSerif-Regular-WT-US-C.ttf is a derivative of LiberationSerif-Regular created by Mattaiyah for WTactics.

Wiki & Forum

As a courtesy Arcmage hosts the WTactics wiki & forum infrastructure, but is not responsible for its content. The wiki’s/forum’s history is the best place to find out who contributed what. Each author is responsible for his/her own contributions.